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CRME Seminars

Introduction to Criminology

3.5hrs (09:00 - 12:30) (12:00 - 15:30)

Introduce your students to the fascinating subject of Criminology through this highly interactive half-day workshop delivered by Liam Brolan, founder of CrimiKnowledge and Lecturer in Criminology at Birmingham City University. In addtion to the sessions detailed below, the workshop also includes a 15-minute networking break and a 15 minute Q&A session.


Criminology in Context - 1 Hour

The unique session begins with an introductory workshop entitled: Criminology in Context. Designed to provide a broad overview of the subject of Criminology, students will explore some of the key concepts and ideas that form the foundation of our understanding of crime in contemporary society. By drawing upon several case studies, students will be encouraged to think about some of the most important criminological questions including why do people commit 
crime and how should society respond to those who break the law?


Criminology in Action - 1 Hour

The second session of the day, Criminology in Action, offers students a 
first-hand insight into process of conducting criminological research in a real-world setting. In this interactive workshop, students will learn about one of the most intriguing, yet least understood areas of criminology, contract murder.

Working along leading public criminologists Professor David Wilson, Professor Elizabeth Yardley and Professor Donal MacIntyre, Liam was involved in the first academic study of its kind, which sought to explore the shadowy world of Hitmen in a British context.

Throughout the session, students will develop an understanding of qualitative research methods and some of the potential ethical issues that are associated with conducting research with those who have either committed or fallen victim to crime.

Criminology: The Big Debates - 1 Hour

The third and final session of the day, Criminology: The Big Debates, requires students to think critically about some of the most important issues related to crime and punishment in today’s society. This highly interactive session will help students to develop their debating skills by providing them with an opportunity to voice their thoughts and opinions in front of their peers.

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